The Company You Keep – Jordan

This month’s awesome person in endurance sports comes from Dubai. He is my best friend, Jordan. You can find him over at The Traveling Triathlete. Jordan shows us that triathlons can be just as mentally demanding as they are physically, no matter what your reason for competing. Continue reading


The Company You Keep – Dano

This month we have another great edition of The Company You Keep. What can be better for endurance sports than someone who recognizes the struggles that everyone goes through, no matter what level they compete at? What could be better than someone who cheers on EVERYONE? What could be better than someone who races for a cause? Continue reading

Mile High Vacation!

My training season is done now that the Superior Man is done. So the first thing to do for off season? VACATION! Heather and I are heading to Denver, Colorado for a long Labor Day weekend! It’s about time for a visit before moving there seeing as how I’ve never stepped foot in the state! It’ll be a lot of fun and games, but we’ll also be putting in some hard work on the job and apartment hunt… but mostly shenanigans and hoopla!

Continue reading